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5 Things You Should Know About Mojito

Mojito, the most known cocktail of bar culture, is interpreted in many different ways in the world. Of course, it is necessary to listen to the Cuban bartenders for the ingredients in Mojito, the national cocktail of Cuba and the way it is made.

In other places, you can also drink magnificent Mojito, but the 'La Bodeguita Del Medio' guaranteed address. We recommend that you save this place to your Cuba travel plans here. Also, it would be nice to take a look at Hale Berry and the Mojito scene in the James Bond scene in the movie "Die Another Day" from the James Bond series. Let's see how Cuban bartenders make Mojito who is Cuban? Let's try to explain the subject in detail through the mistakes made in Mojito production. Here we go: 1. No Mojito with Cracked Ice: Mojito is just an afternoon mint cooling drink for Cubans. Due to climatic conditions, you cannot find air temperature below 40 degrees in the afternoon in Cuba. At this air temperature, Mojito made with crushed ice can keep its flavor for only 1 minute. Therefore, ice cubes should be preferred in the glass. 2. Brown Sugar Not Used: The bartenders in La Bodeguita use powdered white sugar. There is no specific reason why brown sugar is spreading around the world. 3. Lime (Not Crushed Lime): How juicy each fruit is not crushed. The reason why lime and sugar come together is to create a sweet-sour balance. It is very difficult to achieve this balance by crushing it, and since the oils and acids contained in the lime shell will pass into your cocktail, your cocktail will be bitter. That's why the lime juice measured with Jigger is the only method that will help you achieve the ideal sweet-sour ratio in your cocktail. 4. Mint is used as a branch and does not crush hard: You should add the well-cleaned and dried mint to your glass without removing it from its branches. Before adding rum, you need to mix the sugar, mint and lime juice (Yes, not Lemon, Lime) lightly with a pestle until the sugar dissolves in small strokes until the mint flavor stops. 5. Cannot be Made with Aged Rom: One of the mistakes made is that the selection of Rom cannot be made depending on the prescription. Aged rums are more corners-free, woody, caramelized and sweeter than non-aged rums. These features vary depending on the time spent in the keg. Aged rum does not comply with these contents since the content consists of Lime, Mint and Sugar harmony. That is why we recommend using non-aged rum (White-Silver).

We have included 10% of the section we have experienced here with the participants of our Cocktail Workshops about Mojito. We do not want to include the stages during the Mojito preparation in this article, as we find it correct to experience the original recipe in our control. Because we respect our participants who attended the event, where Mojito cocktail was previously, we care very much about spending their time with us. . We hope that we have been contributing to you in these difficult times. We have many workshop themes with special cocktails such as Whiskey Sour, Espresso Martini, Vodka Martini and we organize special events (Contact for corporate or closed groups) cocktail workshops through these themes. If you want to receive e-mail about our workshops, you can subscribe to our mailing list on our website or follow us on our Instagram address. We hope you stay healthy. Jigger Istanbul Family 20/03/2020

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