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Jigger Istanbul is a "Cocktail Design and Bar Consultancy" firm that believes and have a mission about that the culture of eating and drinking is a whole, tries to reform wrong practices in industry and gives new perspective to every participants of food and drink business. Jigger Istanbul has founded on Instagram. Try to inform consumers with 'Cocktail Workshops'

and serve "Boutique Bar Catering".


Cocktail Design

We produce and make new design cocktails for individuals, institutions, products, abstract or concrete concepts.

Bar Consultancy

We provide turn-key consultancy services to newly opened or to be opened restaurants, bars or cafes in the Food and Beverage sector.

Cocktail Workshop

As we mark the first Mobile Cocktail Jigger Istanbul Workshop service providers in Turkey. In addition to personal participation, we offer cocktail workshop services to corporate or private indoor groups.

Cocktail Bar Catering

As Jigger Istanbul, we only serve private groups and premium brands.

In order to maintain quality in Artisan presentations, we provide Artisan Bar Catering Service to groups of 150 people.


We are always looking for niche, boutique and soulful works.


We work specifically for the individual, product, brand or concept. We take care that our materials are ecological.


We work in boutique and artisan.

why do we do?

We are a 'cocktail design' and consultancy 'brand that takes the mission of promoting and adopting the culture of drink from our own perspective.

You can click on the button below for the special article of Güneri Civaoğlu's Milliyet newspaper, Jigger Istanbul.

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