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Dry Cocktail Bar
Old Datça - Can Yücel Street

Dry Cocktail Bar, the second venue of Jigger Istanbul, is located on the most important street of Datça.

It was opened in Can Yücel Street as of April 2024.

Dry Cocktail Bar, next door to Can Yücel's house, takes its name from the cultural concept that means Dry in English, Sek in Turkish, and Brut in French. In addition to the expression sugar-free, it also has a plain, simple and concise meaning.

  • Opening - Closing Time: 16:00-1:30

  • Kitchen: Bruscetta Snacks (until 10:00)

  • Music: The venue, whose music directors are Can Top and Semih Akay, will host special events throughout the summer.

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