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Vivense Lagom and New Luxury - Jigger Istanbul

The cocktail design, which can also be used as an object that reflects the spirit of designs on Lagom and New Luxury, two new collections of the Vivense brand, is a holistic work that includes cocktail workshop and cocktail catering service at the launch event.


Vivense executives contacted us to launch these collections.

For the opening of the new showroom in Astoria and the promotion of their collections, they demanded that we design 2 cocktails reflecting the spirit of Lagom and New Luxury collections within a 25-day period, and that we serve these cocktails to special guests on the day of the event and to organize a cocktail workshop consisting of these cocktails.

Project Stages

25 days

Time devoted to developing ideas, designing and catering for a cocktail workshop cocktail bar

140 guests

Preparation of 2 designs prepared within the specified time as' Cocktail Workshop and 'Cocktail Bar Catering' for a special guest group of 90 people.

380 cocktails

Served at the two-hour event

design cocktail number.

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