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Greecology - Turnkey Bar and Beverage Consulting

Greecology venue added a new one to its branch in Cihangir: Greecology Maslak 1453


During the 70 days of architectural work, starting from the industrial bar installation stages, the concept's Greek culture

Within the scope of the search for the signature cocktails with stories and associative in accordance with the spirit of the place, readings were made on 4 different books about Greek literature, art and mythology.


Discoveries were made on the site for the installation of an industrial bar. An effective bar architecture has been developed with our solution partners. The bar counter, the blender, coffee machine, bar station and coolers to be used were positioned at the project drawing stage in order for the bar staff to work quickly and practically.


Personnel recruitment process and staff structure studies have been initiated. The selection of the bar staff was personally made by Jigger Istanbul.


Discussions were held with alcohol brands and beverage brands. Sponsorship and discounts were provided.


The selection of wine suitable for the venue and the creation of a wine menu, tasting work was completed. Negotiations were made with all winemakers for reasonable pricing.


A total of 10 associative cocktails, including 4 story cocktails, were produced in accordance with the spirit of the place. At the end of the project, the demo and presentation of the cocktails were made. We signed special story cocktails such as Apollon, Deucalion, Leda and the Swan, Rosa-Rosa, Santorini Sunset at Greecology Maslak.


The project was concluded with bartender training, teaching the signature cocktails produced, and training for salon staff sales and cocktails.

Project Stages

70 days

Industrial Bar Installation, Story Cocktail Design and Signature Cocktails, Architectural Support, Bartender Training, Sales Training.

Full Bar

A holistic study is always vital to your investment.

Design cocktails

Imagination, stories give us keywords. We produce customer-oriented cocktails that make these keywords compatible with the concept.

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