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Sacred House - Jigger Istanbul Special Party Cocktail Bar Catering Service

Sacred House is a special hotel where all rooms in Cappadocia are created from different art and life styles. With these aspects, it is not difficult to say the most beautiful hotel in Cappadocia.

The Inferno section inside the hotel is also a part of this special concept. This section is a concept party area with an underground pool and bar.

The hotel was rented to a private group for 2 days and 2 different concept parties were organized in the restaurant and inferno for this group. Hotel management contacted Jigger Istanbul for the special cocktails and beverage service of the concept party. Mobile Cocktail Bar Catering Service was carried out by Jigger Istanbul for 2 days.

An agreement was reached with the hotel on working together in wedding organizations and bar catering services.

Project Stages

2 days

Creating Cocktail Menu for Private Party, staffing, cocktail bar catering services

60 guests

Preparing it as a 'Cocktail Bar Catering' for a group of 60 special guests prepared within the specified time.

480 cocktails

Served at the two-day event

number of cocktails.

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